Spring 2019 > Intellectual Hub

From Genomics to Particle Theory, Quantum Simulations to Blue LED and Beyond

The IAS organizes lectures, programs, conferences, symposiums, and workshops throughout the year for renowned scholars, international researchers, and participants to exchange information and have in-depth discussions. Below are highlights of major events held in recent months.

IAS Focused Programs

1. New Technologies and Translational Applications in Genomics
(November 7-9, 2018)
Leading experts in the field were invited to discuss new technologies and translational applications in genomics, focusing on single cell genomics and molecular diagnostics technologies.

2. Quantum Simulations: From Chemistry to Materials Science
(December 17-21, 2018)
This weeklong program brought together active scientists in the theoretical chemistry and computational materials science fields to improve communication between these two communities. Recent progress in electronic structure calculations and new research directions were also discussed.

Other IAS Workshops and Events