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New Books by IAS Faculty - Prof. George SMOOT and Prof. YAN Lianke

First published in 1994, Wrinkles in Time is a popularized general-audience book on cosmology authored by Prof. George Smoot, IAS TT and WF Chao Foundation Professor, and journalist Keay DAVIDSON. In addition to outlining current knowledge and concepts of physics and cosmology, the book describes how Smoot and his research team at the University of California, Berkeley are pursuing the “holy grail of science.”

The Spanish version of Wrinkles in Time – Arrugas en el tiempo – was released in December 2018.

Four years after the publication of his award-winning book The Day the Sun Died “日熄” in 2015, Prof. Yan Lianke, IAS Sin Wai Kin Professor-at-Large of Chinese Culture, recently released his seventeenth and shortest Chinese novel “速求共眠—我與生活的一段非虛構”.

This story-inside-a-story novel portrays a novelist bearing the same name and with the same life history as Prof. Yan who decides to produce a film based on a controversial true story of a May-December couple. As the multi-layered story unfolds, readers are drawn into a world that intertwines reality and fiction.