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錨點Research Excellence

Branching Out for Better Health

Those of us who have lived in Hong Kong long enough know that tuberculosis was once a major killer back in the 1950s, when overcrowded living environments and unsanitary conditions were a common sight.

The Simply Gorgeous Blue Flame

Prof. Elaine ORAN, Glenn L. Martin Institute Professor and A. James Clark Distinguished Professor of Engineering, University of Maryland, and IAS Senior Visiting Fellow, likes to play with fire—not just the ordinary type of fire, but a tiny blue whirl.

Blind as a Bat?

What comes to your mind when you see a cloud of bats? An image of nefarious, vampire-like creatures? Or adorable, nocturnal fliers? The perception of bats has always been polarized, but no one would disagree that they are unique.

錨點Moving Towards May Fourth

Prof. YAN Lianke (閻連科) and Prof. LIU Zaifu (劉再復)

In this Special Feature, we bring you the Chinese articles by Prof. YAN Lianke, IAS Sin Wai Kin Professor of Chinese Culture, and Prof LIU Zaifu, IAS Senior Visiting Fellow, who share with us their views on the May Fourth Movement (五四運動), an uprising that took place in China during the post-imperial period in 1919 that has a significant impact on Chinese arts and cultural development.

AnchorIAS Scholar

Dr. XU Duoduo, IAS Junior Fellow and Research Assistant Professor of Social Science

At HKUST, Xu currently works with Prof. WU Xiaogang, Chair Professor of Social Science and Director of the Center for Applied Social and Economic Research, on migration and educational inequality in Chinese societies, including Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau, and Taiwan.

錨點IAS Community

IAS Bank of East Asia Professor Ching W. TANG Receives the 2018 C&C Prize from the NEC C&C Foundation

Prof. Ching W. Tang was recently selected as one of recipients of the 2018 C&C Prize by the NEC C&C Foundation in recognition of his “discovery and pioneering development of thin-film organic light-emitting devices, leading to the progress of the organic electronics industry”.

Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress Goes to IAS Senior Fellow Prof. ZHAO Tianshou

IAS Senior Fellow Prof. Zhao Tianshou, Cheong Ying Chan Professor of Engineering and Environment and Chair Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, was one of the two scientists to receive the Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress from the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation.

IAS Senior Fellow Prof. Kei May LAU elected 2019 Fellow of Optical Society of America

IAS Senior Fellow Prof. Lau Kei May, Fang Professor of Engineering and Chair Professor of Electronic and Computer Engineering, has been elected a Fellow of Optical Society of America (OSA) in the Class of 2019.

New Books by IAS Faculty

Prof. George SMOOT, IAS TT and WF Chao Foundation Professor, and Prof. YAN Lianke, IAS Sin Wai Kin Professor-at-Large of Chinse Culture, published new books.

The IAS Auditorium Gets a Facelift

Throughout the years, there has been no significant refurbishment to the Lo Ka Chung Building, the five-story emblematic building that the IAS calls home. Last year, the open auditorium on the ground floor was upgraded.

Visit by the Jockey Club Charities Trust Delegation

In recognition of a generous donation from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the IAS was named the HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study in 2013. In December 2018, a delegation from the Trust visited HKUST.

Call for Nominations—The IAS Junior Fellows Program

As part of its mission to nurture and develop researchers in the early stages of their academic careers, the IAS is inviting nominations for Junior Fellows. 

錨點Intellectual Hub

IAS Nobel Prize Popular Science Lectures

Jointly organized by the School of Science, School of Business and Management, and School of Engineering, HKUST Professors from different disciplines were invited to give lectures on subjects related to the 2018 Nobel Prizes to share their insights and research perspectives with the HKUST community and general public.

IAS Distinguished Lectures

With a broad audience in mind, five Distinguished Lectures were held to inspire students, stimulate new thinking, and encourage new research directions.

IAS Nobel Lectures

Last fall, two IAS Nobel Lectures were delivered by Prof. Shuji NAKAMURA, “Father of blue LED” (2014 Nobel Laureate in Physics) and HE José Ramos-Horta, Former President of East Timor (1996 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate).

Other IAS Programs, Workshops and Events

Highlights of activities held in recent months that featured in-depth discussions on specific research topics.