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A Cooling Solution with Zero Electricity Consumption

Dr Edwin Chi Yan Tso studies new model of passive cooling

Heat and humidity in places like Hong Kong have made space cooling essential to every household. Refrigeration, space cooling and heating account for more than 38% of energy consumption in commercial buildings in Hong Kong, compared to about 20% in the United States. By modeling natural phenomena such as frost, Tso and his team have created an environmentally friendly device using a passive radiative cooling technique that can cool down indoor space without using electricity...

IAS Community

Nurturing Academic Leaders

As part of its mission to nurture and develop men and women in the early stages of their academic careers, we are inviting nominations for the IAS Junior Fellows. Junior Fellows are supported at the IAS to pursue their research unfettered by other requirements or responsibilities...

Recognition on Research and a “Long-awaited” Finding

2017 has been a rewarding year for Gunther Uhlmann, IAS Si Yuan Professor, who was featured on Nature earlier this year for a new mathematical finding. In the past summer, he was also selected to receive the Solomon Lefschez Medal, another recognition for his contribution to research...

Young Scholars at the IAS Awarded General Research Fund

11 IAS Junior Fellows succeeded in their application for the GRF, a provision by the Research Grants Council, a funding agency under the Hong Kong Government...

Dr Hei-Man Chow Awarded a 3-Year Research Fellowship

Chow was awarded a research fellowship sponsored by the Alzheimer's Association, for a 3-year project to study the molecular mechanisms on Alzheimer's disease. Her research finding will extend to evaluate how conventional anti-diabetic drugs may prevent neuronal dysfunction in early stage of the disease.

IAS Scholars

IAS Postdoctoral Fellow

Razieh Emami Meibody

Dr Emami came from Iran. Living in the Asia-Pacific region for the first time, what Emami enjoys most is the environment where she can frequently connect with the right people with similar interests...

IAS Junior Fellow and Research Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Rong Ni

Dr Ni received her PhD in biochemistry from Emory University 2010. Parenting three boys, Dr Ni and her husband both pursue an academic career, while striking a balance between research and family...

Intellectual Hub

Extending the Border of Knowledge

Gordon Research Conferences 2017

DNA Technology Bolsters Nanostructures and Smart Sensors

IAS Focused Program on DNA Nanotechnology and Smart Sensors (19 – 23 Mar 2017)

How Nanotechnology Contributes to Environmental Sustainability

IAS Workshop on Applied Environmental Nanotechnology (1 – 2 Jun 2017)

Knowledge is Going Places

Every year, IAS organizes about 100 lectures in varying formats, attracting thousands of audience both from the university and from the community.

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