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Young Scholars at the IAS Awarded Research Grants

Getting funding for research projects through grant proposals can be a long and difficult process for many academics and research personnel. In the recent General Research Fund (GRF) grant application exercise, IAS Junior Fellows successfully secured funds to push forward their research ideas towards the set goals and objectives.

The General Research Fund is an annual research grant administered by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council to aid academics employed by the local institutions in conducting impactful research projects. Projects’ academic quality, originality of research ideas, potentials for social, cultural or economic application are some assessment criteria to name. Below are some of the projects supported by the GRF funding this year.

IAS Junior Fellow & FieldFaculty CollaboratorResearch Project
CHAN Shuning
(Civil & Environmental Engineering)
Joseph H. W. LEEDisinfection of Treated Sewage by Chlorine Jets
Clarence Edward CHOI
(Civil & Environmental Engineering)
Charles NGImpact of Geophysical Flows on Rigid Barriers with and without Cushioning Materials: Physical Modelling
Kim CHOW Hei Man
(Life Science)
Karl HERRUPA Novel ATM-NRF Axis Facilitates Mito-nuclear Communication in Modulating Fuel Metabolism in Response to Cellular Energy Demand - Implications for Cerebellar Neurodegeneration in Ataxia-telangiectasia
DONG Shoucheng
(Electronic & Computer Engineering)
Ching W. TANGDevelopment of Close-Space Sublimation Processes for OLED Fabrication
GUAN Dongshi
Robert QI Zhong
TONG Penger
Experimental Study of the Volumetric and Viscoelastic Properties of Mitotic Cells and Their Responses to External Mechanical Cues
(Civil & Environmental Engineering)
WANG GangDeveloping Parametric Models for Strong-motion Amplification Considering 3D Topography and Subsurface Soils
NI Rong
(Chemical & Biological Engineering)
CHAU YingDevelopment of Single Co-Delivery Platform for Stepwise Release of Plasmid DNA and Small Molecular Drugs (Paclitaxel)
YAO ShuhuaiReal-time Monitoring of Conformational Changes of DNA–Peptide Co-assembled Viral Mimics in a Nanofluidic Platform
XU Duoduo
(Social Science)
WU XiaogangSocioeconomic Segregation, School Choice, and Geography of Educational Inequality in Hong Kong
YE Fei
(Life Science)
ZHANG MingjieStructure of Disc1 Tetramer and its Interactions with its Target Proteins
SHENG PingA Theoretical Investigation of Berry Phase-induced Metal-insulator Transitions in Disordered, Two-dimensional, Anti-dot Graphene