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Knowing Faces

How the Fruit Fly Illustrates the Brain’s Capabilities

Face recognition technology is now used in many applications. Financial institutions use it as an electronic personal identifier, and governments apply surveillance technology to improve public safety. Although face recognition technology has been developed to an advanced level, it is still unclear how humans are able to recognize such a large amount of faces in a fraction of a second...

IAS Scholars

IAS Junior Fellow GUAN Dongshi

Dr. GUAN Dongshi's research uses the atomic force microscope (AFM) as a microscopic “finger” to detect liquid-air interfaces, soft material surfaces, and living matter such as cells and tissues, to study their mechanical properties and underlying physics.

IAS Junior Fellow HUANG Duruo

Dr. HUANG Duruo’s research aims at understanding earthquake hazards in order to improve the sustainability and resilience of key infrastructure. Earlier this year, Huang was admitted to the nation’s Thousand Talents Plan as a Young Professional.

IAS Community

Young Scholars at the IAS Awarded Research Grants

Getting funding for research projects through grant proposals can be a long and difficult process for many academics and research personnel. In the recent General Research Fund (GRF) grant application exercise, IAS Junior Fellows successfully secured funds to push forward their research ideas towards the set goals and objectives.

Call for Nominations

The IAS strives to provide the best possible environment to support creative activity by all its affiliates. The Junior Fellow Program is intended to allow young researchers to develop their scholarly potential free from the distractions and administrative burdens that often accompany academic positions...

IAS Senior Member and Junior Fellows Published in Top Scientific Journal

Prof. TYE Bik-Kwoon, HKUST IAS Senior Member, and Junior Fellows were part of the Hong Kong-Beijing research team that recently published an article entitled “Structure of the Origin Recognition Complex Bound to DNA Replication Origin” in Nature.

Recognition of Scholarly Contribution to Science and Technology

This is a year to remember for Ching W. TANG, IAS Bank of East Asia Professor, who was inducted into the US National Inventors Hall of Fame and received the award of Doctor of Science honoris causa from the University of Hong Kong.

Intellectual Hub

No Idea Is Too Small
Gordon Research Conferences 2018

For the sixth year running, IAS hosted the Gordon Research Conferences (GRCs) at the Institute’s Lo Ka Chung Building. Between June and August, more than 1,000 attendees, both local and overseas scholars, embarked on a journey of science and exploration.

Memories of Stephen Hawking

Prof. Stephen HAWKING gave the inaugural IAS lecture in 2006, an event that attracted more than 2,000 people. Therefore, it was only natural for the IAS to hold the event “Memories of Stephen Hawking” to commemorate the life of this visionary scientist.

Explaining the World with Algorithms

Led by IAS Si Yuan Professor Gunther UHLMANN, the IAS Workshop on Inverse Problems, Imaging and Partial Differential Equations showcased recent advances in inverse problems by encouraging active interaction among the participants. New results on nonconvex optimization and deep learning were also discussed.

Understanding Financial Data

The moments and distributions of financial time series data play an important role in statistics and econometrics. The three-day IAS Focused Program on Time Series Analysis of Higher Moments and Distributions of Financial Data covers topics that directly influences the global and national economies, business, financial investment analysis, macroeconomics, and both public and private policy makers.

Unveiling the Role of Genes in Biology

Transcription is a central process in gene expression and regulation. Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms governing transcription, such as RNA synthesis and gene regulation, is fundamental to modern biology. The IAS Focused Program on Mechanisms of Gene Transcription and its Regulations attracted members of top-notch research institutes from the US and UK to join in a focused conversation on the latest developments in research and technology.

Combatting Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is an increasingly serious health issue for the aging global population. Attempts to treat this condition have witnessed repeated failures at the advanced stage of clinical trials. Co-sponsored by the Croucher Foundation, the IAS, and the Alzheimer’s Association, the Croucher Advanced Study Institute on Setting the Future Directions of Alzheimer’s Disease Research was a three-day meeting to review the current status of the field.

Keeping Stock of Energy

The stagnant development of cost-effective energy storage technology presents the biggest roadblock on our path towards a sustainable energy future. The three-day Croucher Advanced Study Institute on Frontiers in Energy Storage covered topics such as alkali metal-ion batteries, flow batteries, and nanomaterials for energy.

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