IAS Corner

What Can the IAS Do for You?

\\ We provide a platform for prominent scholars to inspire new thinking and share the latest fruits of their research with HKUST and the wider community through IAS Distinguished Lectures and Joint School Lectures/Seminars.

\\ We host IAS Visitor Programs to attract internationally renowned scholars to IAS for extended visits and collaboration with HKUST faculty to drive cutting-edge discovery and advance academic excellence.

\\ We propel the development of research activities and initiatives at HKUST and seek solutions to the most challenging problems in high-impact areas in the form of IAS Programs, international conferences, symposia or workshops.

We encourage you to submit proposals of the various formats abovementioned. Please visit our website for details: ias.ust.hk/proposal

You may contact Andrew G Cohen, IAS Director, to discuss further.

E: ias@ust.hk | T: (852) 2358-5968