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Young Scholars at the IAS Awarded Research Grants

Funding opportunities are competitive in many places, especially for young academics. Successful grant applications at the early stages of an academic career are often a key to success at the next stage.

The General Research Fund (GRF) is a provision by the Government’s Research Grants Council to support academics employed at local institutions to pursue research projects that are of academic and scientific merit, and demonstrate originality and feasibility. The qualifications and track records of investigators are also part of the selection criteria. IAS Junior Fellows have received remarkable success in a recent grant application exercise. Below are some projects that are supported by GRF funding this year.

Shu Ning Chan

Field: Civil & Environmental Engineering 
Faculty Collaborator: Joseph H W Lee
Research Project: Lead Contamination and Transport in the Drinking Water Supply System of High-Rise Buildings

Wenjie Chen

Field: Physics
Faculty Collaborator: Che Ting Chan
Research Project: The Realization of Weyl Points and Their Associated Physical Phenomena in Classical Wave Systems

Clarence Edward Choi

Field: Civil & Environmental Engineering 
Faculty Collaborator: Charles Ng
Research Project: Mechanisms of Interaction between Debris Flow and Baffles: Physical Modelling

Hei-Man Chow

Field: Life Science
Faculty Collaborator: Karl Herrup
Research Project: The Wnt Antagonist Dkk1 Acts as a Bimodal Switch of Wnt Signaling that Controls the Neurotrophic Versus Neurotoxic Fates of Astrocytes: Implications in the Alzheimer’s Disease

Tianwei Hao

Field: Civil & Environmental Engineering 
Faculty Collaborator: Guanghao Chen
Research Project: A Single Sludge Single Reactor SANI (SS-SANI) for Maximizing Space- and Energy-Efficient Treatment of Saline Sewage

Heejeong Jeong

Field: Physics
Faculty Collaborator: Shengwang Du
Research Project: Narrowband Biphoton Generation from Solid-State Silicon-vacancy Centers in Diamond Crystal

Rong Ni

Field: Chemical & Biological Engineering
Faculty Collaborator: Ying Chau
Research Project: Exploration of the Virus-Inspired Capsid Uncoating and DNA Release via Construction of Redox-Sensitive Viral Mimics

Kirill Prokofiev

Field: Physics
Faculty Collaborators: Kam-Biu Luk & Henry Tye
Research Project: CP Violation in Higgs Interaction with Tau Leptons

Edwin Chi Yan Tso

Field: Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Faculty Collaborators: Christopher Chao & Shuhuai Yao
Research Project: Electrostatic Charging of Coalescence-Induced Jumping Droplets and its Application in a Nanofluid-Based Phase Change Thermal Diode

Yuanliang Zhai

Field: Life Science
Faculty Collaborator: Bik Tye
Research Project: Analysis of the in vivo Assembled CMG Helicase by Cryo-EM

Qingbin Zheng

Field: Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering 
Faculty Collaborator: Jangkyo Kim
Research Project: Wide-Range Wearable Strain Sensors Based on Cracked Graphene/Aligned Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Structures