Words from the Director

In 2006, IAS was established as a key initiative in the HKUST Strategic Plan 2005-2020 with the mission of becoming a leading center of research. Ten years later, we have grown from a small office to a prominent intellectual hub in Asia. Almost every week, dozens and sometimes hundreds of scholars and scientists from various disciplines and regions gather at IAS, where new research ideas and partnerships blossom.

People have always been our greatest asset. It is our top priority to recruit first-rate scholars from around the globe to join the IAS community to create synergy with HKUST academia for the advancement of knowledge. To this end, we thank the University's support in its fundraising efforts for IAS.

Despite HKUST’s young age, we have garnered a formidable global reputation as a leading institution for research in Asia. As educators, it is our obligation to groom the next generation of researchers to continue and even surpass the legacy of today’s top scholars and scientists. Currently, we host 19 Postdoctoral Fellows and 19 IAS Junior Fellows, of which 11 new IAS Junior Fellows come under the VPRGO-IAS Research Assistant Professorship Scheme. These young talents will work closely with HKUST faculty on a wide array of research projects. We intend to further boost this number in the future.

As of 2016, IAS has built a community of more than 110 scholars, including faculty, fellows, visitors, and advisors, and has organized over 730 programs, conferences, and lectures. We would not be where we are today without your unwavering support. Please let us know of any opportunity for us to collaborate and explore new frontiers of science and innovation together.

Henry Tye

HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study