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IAS Distinguished Lectures

Usually lasting for 1-2 hours, these lectures focus on topics of wider interests for a general audience.

Co-evolution of Complex Aeronautical System and Complex System Engineering (Sep 13)

Speaker: Xin-Guo Zhang   Aviation Industry Corporation of China

Social Networks for Good (Sep 21)

Speaker: Nicholas Christakis   Yale University

Neurotrophins: From Nerve Growth to Synaptic Plasticity (Oct 4)

Speaker: Mu-Ming Poo   University of California at Berkeley

Joint School Lectures

In collaboration with various Schools, these events cover a specific topic that is of interest to those from a particular discipline.

Using Sensor Data to Manage Combustion – From Spacecraft to Soil Remediation (Sep 26)

Speaker: José Torero   The University of Queensland

Neurodegenerative Disorders: Charting the Path from Genes to Therapies (Sep 30)

Speaker: Huda Zoghbi   Baylor College of Medicine

Computing the Three Billion Year Histories of Protein and RNA Domains (Nov 25)

Speaker: Gustavo Caetano-Anolles   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

IAS Conferences / Programs / Workshops

These advanced activities feature in-depth discussions on specific research topics in such formats as seminars, workshops and student-led discussions, often spanning multiple days.

IAS Summit Hong Kong – Inventing Today Imagining Tomorrow for Water Pollution Control (Oct 20-22)

Organizer (Chair): Guang-Hao Chen   HKUST

IAS International Conference on Imaging, Inverse Problems and Partial Differential Equations (Dec 5-9)

Organizer: Gunther Uhlmann   HKUST

IAS Focused Program on Advanced Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Supramolecular and Macromolecular Systems on Surfaces (Dec 12-15)

Johannes Barth   Technische Universität München
Lifeng Chi   Soochow University
Nian Lin   HKUST

China-Japan-Korea Neurobiology and Neuroinformatics Workshop (Dec 18-20)

Michael Wong   HKUST
Si Wu   Beijing Normal University

IAS Program on High Energy Physics (Jan 9-26)

Organizer (Chair): Henry Tye   HKUST

The above activities were last updated on Aug 18, 2016 and are subject to change. For the latest list of events, please visit