IAS Values

\\  Curiosity is fundamental to the creative process and the key to success for a researcher. Individuals who question what they see are motivated to challenge the status quo and ascertain opportunities that science can resolve.  \\
Prof Darren Dahl
IAS Visiting Professor, HKUST
BC Innovation Council Professor,
University of British Columbia
\\  Most scientists and engineers are intelligent and curious. Truly significant discoveries and complicated projects, however, also require determination, persistence, and a dose of serendipity.  \\
Prof Elaine Oran
IAS Visiting Professor
Glenn L Martin Institute Professor of Engineering,
University of Maryland
\\  For almost all scientists, persistence is a key attribute since research by definition involves tackling questions whose answers are not obvious. You have to go up blind alleys and try many ideas that don’t work. Later, insights gained from failure may guide you to new discoveries.  \\
Prof Roger Howe
IAS Visiting Professor
William R Kenan Jr Professor Emeritus of Mathematics,
Yale University