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Nurturing Young Research Talent

As reported in Nature, two economists compared the tendency of younger and older researchers to try out new ideas in their work by analyzing over 20 million biomedical papers published in the past 70 years1. The results showed that the most innovative combination was an early-career first author and a mid-career last author. Also, researchers who are more senior tend to publish in hot areas more when they are supervising a younger scientist.

Given how crucial it is to try out new ideas, especially in science and technology, there is much to gain to support young scientists and encourage researchers from different stages of their careers to collaborate with each other. This is what IAS has been aiming for by developing young talents, who are the core members of research activities, and offering an ideal platform for them to work with and learn from their senior counterparts, and vice versa.

This year, a total of 16 young researchers will take up the roles of IAS Junior Fellows and Postdoctoral Fellows. Among them, 11 are recruited as IAS Junior Fellows via the Matching Fund Scheme for Appointment of Research Assistant Professors jointly offered by IAS and the Office of the Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies (VPRGO) to enhance research capabilities and strengths of the University.

In 2016/17, five IAS Junior Fellows successfully obtained funding from the Research Grants Council (RGC) of the HKSAR Government, working on projects in Biological Sciences, Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Physical Sciences:

Raymond Louie: Statistical Inference of the Fitness Parameters Driving Viral Evolution Using Time Series Data

Qing Lu: Mechanistic Basis of Myosin Ic (Myo1c)-mediated Cargo Recognition and Regulation

Kirill Prokofiev: Higgs Boson Interactions with Bosons and Fermions at the LHC

Yuanliang Zhai: Elucidating the Structural Basis for Pre-RC Assembly by Cryo-EM

Bo Zhou: Structure-Function Studies of DNA Replication Protein Complexes Geminin / Cdt1 and Geminin / MCM

\\  ...there is much to gain to support young scientists and encourage researchers from different stages to collaborate with each other...  \\

Each of the newcomers will work closely with one or more HKUST faculty members in high impact research projects. Let us extend a warm welcome to these young researchers.

IAS Junior Fellows

Wen-Jie Chen (Physics)
Faculty Collaborator: Prof Che Ting Chan
Research Interests: Microwave experiments, topological photonics and holographic lithography

Tianwei Hao (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
Faculty Collaborator: Prof Guang-Hao Chen
Research Interests: Biological wastewater treatment, acid mine drainage treatment and metal recovery, development and application of granular sludge, etc.

Heejeong Jeong (Physics)
Faculty Collaborator: Prof Shengwang Du
Research Interests: Coherent light-matter interactions in quantum optics level

Qing Lu (Life Science)
Faculty Collaborator: Prof Mingjie Zhang
Research Interests: The use of atomic-level protein structure to reveal the underlying molecular mechanisms of various unconventional myosins closely associated with human genetic diseases

Rong Ni (Biomedical Engineering)
Faculty Collaborator: Prof Ying Chau
Research Interests: Viral mimicking through co-assembly of rational designed peptide with DNA / RNA

Liane Slaughter (Life Science)
Faculty Collaborator: Prof Angela Wu
Research Interests: Microfluidic technologies and the elucidating relationships between nanoscale properties and structure at interfaces and in heterogeneous hybrid materials

Tomas Thörnqvist (Finance)
Supervisor: Prof Vidhan Goyal
Research Interests: Household finance, family economics and behavioral finance

Chi Yan Tso (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering)
Faculty Collaborator: Prof Christopher Chao
Research Interests: Thermal fluid, particularly in the fields of sustainable environment, heat transfer, adsorption technology, thermal rectification, nanofluids, etc.

Fei Ye (Life Science)
Faculty Collaborator: Prof Mingjie Zhang
Research Interests: Molecular mechanisms of scaffold proteins in neuronal signaling network and visual phototransduction by using biochemistry and NMR spectroscopy

Ting Zhang (Physics)
Faculty Collaborator: Prof Ping Sheng
Research Interests: Theoretical condensed matter physics, electron-phonon induced instabilities in low-dimensional systems, and localization properties in disordered anti-dot graphene systems

Bo Zhou (Life Science)
Faculty Collaborator: Prof Guang Zhu
Research Interests: Molecular mechanisms that underlie DNA replication and transcriptional regulation

IAS Postdoctoral Fellows

Yi-Hsuan Lin (Mathematics)
Supervisor: Prof Gunther Uhlmann
Research Interests: Inverse problems, partial differential equations and homogenization theory

Lei Lu (Electronic & Computer Engineering)
Supervisor: Prof Hoi-Sing Kwok & Prof Man Wong
Research Interests: The annealing behavior of metal-oxide semiconductors and development of metal-oxide thin-film transistors (TFTs)

Xiang Ma (Economics)
Supervisor: Prof Albert Park
Research Interests: Provision of public goods and agriculture in emerging markets

Jonathan Regier (Physics)
Supervisor: Prof George Smoot
Research Interests: Development of physics and mathematization of nature in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries, and contemporary technologies and the construction of opinion in society

Gianluca Zoccarato (Physics)
Supervisor: Prof Gary Shiu
Research Interests: String compactifications and topological strings

*The above lists were last updated on Aug 18, 2016 and are subject to change.
1M Packalen and J Bhattacharya (2015). Age and the Trying Out of New Ideas. Preprint at http://www.nber.org/papers/w20920.pdf