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From Labs to Classrooms

It is easy to forget that much of the knowledge we take for granted today is the fruit of someone else’s research. Driving cutting-edge research is a core mission of IAS, and we believe that it is equally important to share the knowledge created through research and nurture the next generation of researchers.

This past summer, you would find IAS scholars in different parts of the city, teaching younger students about science and inspiring them to embrace a career in research.

Here are some of the talks delivered:

“Introductory Talk in Science: Scientist Collaboration” at The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education
Prof Henry Tye, Director of IAS
Dr Kirill Prokofiev, IAS Junior Fellow

“Science in Movies” at the Buddhist Tai Hung College
Prof Che Ting Chan, Executive Director of IAS

“Neutrinos and Their Properties” and “The Fundamental Nature of Matter” at the 17th Annual Asian Physics Olympiad
Prof Kam-Biu Luk, IAS Senior Visiting Fellow

“Organic Light Emitting Diode - The Next Generation Display Technology” at the Summer School in Hong Kong, College of Nano Science and Technology of Soochow University
Dr Shoucheng Dong, IAS Junior Fellow

Prof Kam-Biu Luk spoke at the Asian Physics Olympiad, an annual international physics competition organized for high school students in Asia.
\\  Knowledge has no value unless you use and share it.  \\