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Tackling Real-World Issues with Inverse Problems

Inverse problems offer an important mathematical framework for cases in which the causes of a desired or observed effect have yet to be determined. With the leap in computing power and development of powerful algorithms in recent decades, mathematicians have begun to apply such techniques to solve real-world problems of increasing complexity, such as locating oil and mineral deposits in the earth's substructure, uncovering cracks in materials, and modeling in the life sciences.

In 2015, lAS Si Yuan Professor Gunther Uhlmann led a workshop entitled Inverse Problems, Imaging and Partial Differential Equations, which received very positive feedback. Last December, he organized another workshop with Prof Tony F Chan, Prof Shing Yu Leung, Prof Yang Wang and Prof Hai Zhang of HKUST and Prof Gang Bao of Zhejiang University. The 5-day event of the same topic gathered renowned mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists across the world, such as lAS Visiting Professors Mathias Fink and Stanley Osher, to share their latest findings and explore research collaboration on pioneering topics in these fields.

lAS Workshop on Inverse Problems, Imaging and Partial Differential Equations (Dec 5-9,2016)