Event Highlights

Transcription: From DNA to RNA

IAS Focused Program on Mechanisms of Transcription and Its Regulation
4 – 8 Jan 2016

Transcription refers to the process of constructing a messenger RNA molecule using a DNA molecule as a template to transfer genetic information. It plays a significant role in gene expression. Since misregulation of the transcription complex is a major factor in cancer and other human diseases, an interdisciplinary IAS focused program on Mechanisms of Transcription and Its Regulation was held to explore the issue further. 60 scientists from diverse disciplines were brought together to discuss recent progress on structure-function relationship in transcription complexes, including those with associated regulatory factors.

Among the 30 invited speakers, Prof Seth Darst from Rockefeller University and Prof John Lis from Cornell University gave IAS Distinguished Lectures to raise the students’ awareness of the subject. Prof Xuhui Huang, the local organizer from the Department of Chemistry, was recently awarded a RGC Collaborative Research Fund on a project of a related topic. Stay tuned for another intriguing IAS focused program organized by Prof Huang in May 2016 on Molecular Machines of Life: Simulation Meets Experiment!