Event Highlights

4Rs in Genome

IAS Focused Program on Genome and Stability
16 – 19 Dec 2015

Technological improvements have advanced the study of genomes since the discovery of the duplex helical structure of DNA in the 1950s. A focused program on Genome Damage and Stability was held to explore new approaches in studying persistent problems in genome replication, repair, recombination, and reprogramming (the 4Rs). This also marked the initiation of a long-term collaboration between HKUST and the MRC Genome Damage and Stability Centre at the University of Sussex in the UK.

Unlike other IAS programs, this event comprised over 40 short talks, 3 lectures, and plenty of free time for breakout sessions. The participants were able to discover each other’s research aims, identify common problems of interest, and generate collaboration opportunities. A repeat of this small-scale yet precise program has been proposed for 2017 at Sussex.