Event Highlights

Traffic inside Cells

IAS Conference and AoE Symposium on Organelle Biogenesis and Membrane Trafficking
7 – 9 Dec 2015

Eukaryotic cells (found in organisms including animals, plants, and fungi) are subdivided into multiple subcellular membrane compartments called organelles, the defective functions of which cause many human diseases. Thus, it is of great interest to understand how they are formed, how they assume their characteristic shape, and the trafficking of membrane and protein cargoes between organelles.

Co-hosted with the Centre for Organelle and Biogenesis and Functions of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, IAS held a conference on Organelle Biogenesis and Membrane Trafficking, which brought together experts from the US, Germany, Belgium, Singapore, and China to exchange their latest research. Two signature lectures, delivered by Prof Tom Rapoport, IAS Visiting Professor from Harvard Medical School, and Prof Juan Bonifacino from the US National Institutes of Health, were the highlights of the event.