Event Highlights

A Glance on Light and Sound

IAS Symposium on New Ways to Manipulate Light and Sound
24 Nov 2015

The ubiquitous presence of electromagnetic and acoustic waves means that their study dates back to antiquities. However, there has been a recent revolution in this classic field, propelled by both theory and experiments which demonstrate the feasibility of realizing man-made materials with wave manipulation capabilities beyond the defined limits found in nature. These advanced materials include photonic and phononic crystals, metamaterials and plasmonic structures. Co-sponsored by the Department of Physics, a symposium was held at IAS to review these recent developments.

The symposium featured two plenary lectures given by IAS Visiting Professors, Sir John Pendry and Prof Mathias Fink, on nanoscale light and wave control respectively. Local researchers and young scholars, including IAS Senior Fellow Prof Ping Sheng and IAS Tin Ka Ping Fellow Dr Kun Ding, also shared their latest findings in the event.