Event Highlights

Solving Inverse Problems of the Real World

IAS Workshop on Inverse Problems, Imaging and PDEs
28 Sep – 2 Oct 2015

This is the second year of IAS Si Yuan Professor Gunther Uhlmann’s residence at HKUST. In addition to teaching a postgraduate course on Calderon’s inverse problem during the fall term, Prof Uhlmann organized a workshop on Inverse Problems, Imaging and Partial Differential Equations to encourage interactions among interdisciplinary researchers in the field.

Inverse problems are those where the causes of a desired or observed effect have yet to be determined. The enormous increase in computing power and development of dynamic algorithms in recent years have allowed the application of the techniques used to solve these problems to real-world problems of considerable complexity. About 50 participants attended the workshop, which included talks on topics ranging from wave propagation and super resolution to applications in medical imaging and seismic imaging. Given the diversity of applications related to the subject and the positive feedback from participants, Prof Uhlmann is planning to organize another IAS focused program in December 2016.