Event Highlights

Extending the Life of Green Energy

IAS Seminar Series on Better Materials for Energy Related Applications via Inorganic Synthesis
25 Sep, 12 Oct, 14 Oct 2015

All governmental institutions throughout the world commonly agree that energy is the most important challenge for human in the next 50 years. Great hopes are placed in the use of renewable energies coming from the sun, wind, and biomass and so on. However, the conversion technologies of these energies are limited by the performance of the material. An IAS seminar series taught by IAS Senior Visiting Fellow, Prof Jean-Marie Tarascon, from Collège de France was organized to explore the possibility of producing new materials for energy related applications via either high and low temperature synthesis routes.

From fundamental to application, the seminar series started with two introductory lectures on inorganic synthesis and followed by four lectures on energy-saving synthesis processes under the general discipline of “chimie douce” (soft chemistry). Over 50 participants from chemistry and engineering attended the seminars.