Event Highlights

What Next in Network Science?

IAS Focused Program on Graphical Models and Network Analysis
5 – 8 Jan 2016

Technological advancements in the past two decades have propelled us to the age of network, transforming the way we socialize, work and access information. The resulting explosion of network data has thus fueled the need of scientific analysis at a systematic level across various academic fields.

The IAS focused program on Graphical Models and Network Analysis held in January 2016 brought top-notch mathematicians, statisticians and computer scientists together to share their latest findings in the growing field of network science, covering hot topics such as algorithms for understanding social networks and large-scale tagging of unstructured data. With the likes of IAS Visiting Professor Jianqing Fan from Princeton University and Prof Eric Xing from Carnegie Mellon University as speakers, the program attracted up to 90 participants in the compact course and 12 talks on the latest trends in network science.