Event Highlights

Encountering the Beauty of Chinese Literature

IAS Program on Chinese Creative Writing
Oct – Nov 2015

Since 2013, IAS has collaborated with the School of Humanities and Social Science and the Division of Humanities to offer Chinese Creative Writing programs. During the Fall term of 2015, three renowned Chinese writers were invited to our campus to share their knowledge and experience.

Mr Su Tong 蘇童, a famous writer, gave a talk entitled “Literature: Dreams of the Dream Sellers”「文學:賣夢者的夢」 to share about his literary pursuit; poet Ms Shu Ting 舒婷 spoke on the topic “I am Misted: The Creation of Two Poems” 「我的被朦朧:兼談兩首詩歌的創作」to introduce misty poetry; and writer Mr Li Er 李洱 asked “What If Jia Baoyu Grows Up?” 「賈寶玉長大後怎麽辦?」to talk about his study on the Chinese great classical novel, “Dream of the Red Chamber”《紅樓夢》. The students were thrilled at the opportunity to engage in a face-to-face dialogue with these world-renowned writers.