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IAS Visiting Professor Receives 2015 Materials Theory Award

IAS extends its congratulations to Visiting Professor Steven Louie for his receipt of the 2015 Materials Theory Award from the Materials Research Society (MRS). His contribution to the development of ab initio methods for, and the elucidation of, many-electron effects in electronic excitations and the optical properties of solids and
nanostructures is seminal. Prof Louie’s breakthrough solved the bandgap problem in electronic structure theory, complementing that of density functional theory for ground-state properties, in the process of creating a field with a worldwide following. The Materials Theory Award is presented annually to recognize exceptional advances in materials theory that alter our fundamental understanding of the structure and behavior of materials.

Prof Louie joined IAS in 2011 and visits HKUST frequently to collaborate with HKUST faculty and share his insights. We were glad to meet Prof Louie at IAS in December 2015 and listened to his latest research findings of excited-state phenomena in materials.

IAS Visiting Professor Steven Louie (middle) received the 2015 Materials Theory Award from the Chairman of the MRS Awards Committee, Prof Albert Polman (left), and 2015 MRS President, Prof Oliver Kraft (right), at the 2015 MRS Fall Meeting.
Prof Louie gave a presentation entitled “Understanding Excited-State Phenomena in Quasi-2D Materials” at the meeting.
© Photos from the 2015 MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts—Courtesy of the Materials Research Society