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Nobel Laureate Shed Light on Global Economy

Sir Christopher Pissarides, IAS Helmut & Anna Pao Sohmen Professor at-Large, spent his residence at HKUST in September and December 2015 and shared his thoughts of the current trends in economic situations worldwide.

In the IAS Nobel Lecture and an interview on RTHK Channel 3’s program Money Talk in September, Sir Chris talked about Europe’s handling of the Greek economic crisis and the future of the Eurozone. He commented that one of the features of the crisis was that countries acted out of self-interest, which did not form a good basis for future cooperation.

In the Conference on Urbanization, Structural Change, and Employment organized by HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies in December, Sir Chris presented his recent study on China’s mobility barriers and labor market outcomes, a collaboration with IAS Visiting Fellow Prof Rachel Ngai and Prof Jin Wang from Division of Social Science. The conference was an activity of the World Bank Network on Jobs and Development, featuring original research on the developments of emerging markets and developing countries from scholars worldwide.

Sir Chris gave a lecture on “China's Mobility Barriers and Labor Market Outcomes” in the Conference on Urbanization, Structural Change, and Employment held in December 2015.