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Usually lasting for 1-2 hours, these lectures focus on topics of interests for a general or specific audience.

The Pricing of Tail Risk and the Equity Premium: Evidence from International Option Markets (8 Feb)

Speaker: Torben Andersen Northwestern University

Nonparametric Option-implied Volatility (8 Feb)

Speaker: Viktor Todorov Northwestern University

Biogenesis and Activities of Plant Micro-RNA ─ the "Where" and "How" (9 Feb)

Speaker: Xuemei Chen University of California at Riverside

Selective Aerobic Oxidation of Alcohols (12 Feb)

Speaker: Shengming Ma Fudan University

Real-time Tracking of Ion Channels Shows Anomalous Diffusion and Compartmentalization on the Surface of Mammalian Cells (8 May)

Speaker: Diego Krapf Colorado State University

IAS Workshops / Programs

These advanced activities feature in-depth discussion on specific research topics, often spanning multiple days.

IAS Program on Chinese Creative Writing (Feb - May)

Jianmei Liu HKUST
Zaifu Liu HKUST

IAS Workshop on Inverse Problems, Imaging and Partial Differential Equations (12-16 Mar)

Gang Bao Zhenjiang University
Tony F Chan HKUST
Shingyu Leung HKUST
Gunther Uhlmann HKUST
Xiao-Ping Wang HKUST
Yang Wang HKUST
Hai Zhang HKUST

IAS Focused Program on Mechanisms of Gene Transcription and its Regulation (19-23 Mar)

Xuhui Huang HKUST
Toyotaka Ishibashi HKUST
Robert Landick University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dong Wang University of California at San Diego

The Blue Ribbon Panel Meeting on Setting the Future Directions of Alzheimer’s Disease Research (25-28 Mar)

Moderators / Organizers:
Christophe Bernarde Aix-Marseille Université Marseille
Judy Campisi Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Suzana Herculano-Houzel Vanderbilt University
Mu-ming Poo Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences and University of California at Berkeley

Intimacy of Creativity - The Bright Sheng Partnership: Composers Meet Performers (23 Apr - 6 May)

Artistic Director:
Bright Sheng University of Michigan and HKUST

IAS Focused Program on Time Series Analysis of Higher Moments and Distributions of Financial Data (28-30 May)

Zongwu Cai University of Kansas
Giuseppe Cavaliere University of Bologna
Chia-Lin Chang National Chung Hsing University
Shiqing Ling HKUST
Michael McAleer National Tsing Hua University

Gordon Research Conferences (GRC)

As one of the world’s premier conferences, GRC gathers prominent scientists in biological, chemical and physical science disciplines at the IAS for a weeklong conference, which provides an interactive platform for hundreds of researchers, scholars, and graduate students to exchange new research ideas and broaden their network in the global academic community. Associated Gordon Research Seminars (GRS) allow young scholars to seek advice from their mentors and build up research networks for future collaboration.


Chairs & Vice-Chairs:

Solar Energy Conversion: Materials, Physics and Devices for Advanced Solar Energy Conversion (GRS) (16-17 Jun)

Ning Xu Nanjing University

Solar Energy Conversion: Pathways for Solar Energy Conversion and Storage: Electricity, Thermal and Fuel (17-22 Jun)

Jia Zhu Nanjing University
Can Li Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Anders Hagfeldt École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: New Perspectives on the Virus-Host Interplay in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma and Their Impact on Diagnosis and Therapeutic Interventions (24-29 Jun)

George S Tsao The University of Hong Kong
Fei-Fei Liu University of Toronto
Kwok Wai Lo The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Quynh-Thu X Le Stanford University

Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology: Molecular and Cellular Dynamics of Neural Function (GRS) (30 Jun – 1 Jul)

Anita A Thambirajah McGill University

Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology: Recent Discoveries and Technological Advances in the Study of the Nervous System During Development, Health and Disease (1-6 Jul)

John J Ngai University of California at Berkeley
Aaron Gitler Stanford University

Ocean Biogeochemistry: Biogeochemistry of Marine Interfaces (GRS) (7-8 Jul)

Jihua Liu Shandong University
Bethanie R Edwards University of Hawaii at Manoa

Ocean Biogeochemistry: Biogeochemistry of Marine Interfaces (8-13 Jul)

Louis Legendre Sorbonne Université, Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University
Sylvia Sander International Atomic Energy Agency
Chuanlun Zhang Southern University of Science and Technology
Susanne Neuer Arizona State University

Genomic Instability: Chromosome Replication, Repair and Organization in the Maintenance of Genome Stability (GRS) (21-22 Jul)

Giulia Saredi University of Dundee
Catalina Pereira Cornell University

Genomic Instability: Chromosome Replication, Repair and Architecture (22-27 Jul)

Anja Groth University of Copenhagen
Anindya Dutta University of Virginia
Lee Zou Harvard University
Michael S Y Huen The University of Hong Kong

Personalized Medicine: Exploring the New Era of Individualized Treatment Through Science, Technology and Integrated Medicine (29 Jul – 3 Aug)

Yen Yun Taipei Medical University
Edward J Benz Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Steven T Rosen City of Hope National Medical Center
Hsing-Jien Kung Taipei Medical University

Advanced Materials for Sustainable Infrastructure Development: Green and Low Carbon Cementitious Materials for Sustainability (5-10 Aug)

Changwen Miao Southeast University
Pedro Castro-Borges CINVESTAV del IPN Unidad Mérida
Kamal Khaya Missouri University of Science and Technology
R Doug Hooton University of Toronto

Structural Nanomaterials: Complexity and Heterogeneity in Microstructure and Their Relation with Properties (12-17 Aug)

Z P Lu University of Science and Technology Beijing
Simon Ringer University of Sydney
Qing Ping Sun HKUST
Andrea Hodge University of Southern California

The above activities were last updated on 31 Jan 2018 and may be subject to change. For the latest details of events, please visit