IAS Corner

What Can the IAS Do for You?

\\ We provide a platform for prominent scholars to inspire new thinking and share the latest fruits of their research with HKUST and the wider community through IAS Distinguished Lectures and Joint School Lectures / Seminars.

\\ We host IAS Visitor Programs to attract internationally renowned scholars to IAS for extended visits and collaboration with HKUST faculty to drive cutting-edge discovery and advance academic excellence.

\\ We propel the development of research activities and initiatives at HKUST and seek solutions to the most challenging problems in high-impact areas in the form of IAS Programs, international conferences, symposia or workshops.

\\ We support creative pursuits of young men and women of the highest caliber by recruiting them to become IAS Junior Fellows, who focus on their research affiliated with HKUST and collaborate with our academic community.

You may contact Andrew G Cohen, IAS Director, to discuss further.

E: ias@ust.hk | T: (852) 2358-5968