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IAS Distinguished Lectures

Usually lasting for 1-2 hours, these lectures focus on topics of wider interests for a general audience.

Towards a Grand Unified Theory of Interfaces in Crystalline Materials (Feb 16)

Speaker: David Srolovitz   University of Maryland; IAS Visiting Professor

Predators-prey Model with Competition, the Emergence of Packs and Territoriality (Feb 16)

Speaker: Henri Berestycki   PSL Research University

Recent Advances in Geohazard Mitigation in China (Mar 10)

Speaker: Zuyu Chen   China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research

Droplet Microfluidics for Single Cell Studies (Mar 20)

Speaker: David Weitz   Harvard University

Nanocarbons for Electrochemical Energy Storage (Apr 13)

Speaker: Hui-Ming Cheng   Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Joint School Lectures

In collaboration with various Schools, these events cover a specific topic that is of interest to those from a particular discipline.

10M-Core Scalable Fully-Implicit Solver for Nonhydrostatic Atmospheric Dynamics (Feb 17)

Speaker: Chao Yang   Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Business Model Innovation and Digital Disruption (Apr 5)

Speaker: Serguei Netessine   INSEAD

Full Genome Analysis: Technology and Application for Rare Disease Diagnosis (May 19)

Speaker: Pui-Yan Kwok   University of California at San Francisco

IAS Programs

These advanced activities feature in-depth discussions on specific research topics in such formats as seminars, workshops and student-led discussions, often spanning multiple days.

IAS Quantitative Finance and Fintech Seminar on TENAR - Tail Event Driven Network AutoRegression of SIFIs (Mar 3)

Speaker: Wolfgang Härdle   Humboldt University of Berlin

IAS Focused Program on DNA Nanotechnology and Smart Sensors (Mar 19-23)

I-Ming Hsing   HKUST
Sumita Pennathur   University of California at Santa Barbara
Kevin Plaxco   University of California at Santa Barbara
Shuhuai Yao   HKUST

Applied Environmental Nanotechnology Workshop (Jun 1-2)

John D Fortner   Washington University in St. Louis
Daniel E Giammar   Washington University in St. Louis
Irene Lo   HKUST

Gordon Research Conferences (GRC)

As one of the world's premier conferences, GRC gathers prominent scientists in biological, chemical and physical science disciplines at IAS for a weeklong conference, which provides an interactive platform for hundreds of researchers, scholars and postgraduate students to exchange new research ideas and broaden their network in the global academic community.

Chairs & Vice-Chairs:

Topological & Correlated Matter (Jun 18 - 23)

Yong-Baek Kim – University of Toronto
Yayu Wang – Tsinghua University
Vic Law  HKUST
Ali Yazdani  Princeton University

*Particle Physics (Jun 24 - 30)

Hitoshi Murayama – University of California at Berkeley / Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe  / University of Tokyo
Tao Liu – HKUST
Andrew Cohen  HKUST

Genome Architecture in Cell Fate & Disease (Jul 2 - 7)

Wange Lu – University of Southern California
David M Gilbert – Florida State University
Yijun Ruan Jackson – Laboratory for Genomic Medicine

Neurobiology of Drug Addiction (Jul 16 - 21)

Eric J Nestler – Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinal
Yan Dong – University of Pittsburgh
Yavin Shaham – National Institute on Drug Abuse, Intramural Research Program, National Institutes of Health
Marina E Wolf – Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

*Marine Molecular Ecology (Jul 22 - 28)

Stanley Lau  HKUST
Curtis Suttle – University of British Columbia; IAS Senior Visiting Fellow
Madeleine van Oppen – Australian Institute of Marine Science / The University of Melbourne
Qinglu Zeng – HKUST

Nano-Mechanical Interfaces (Jul 30 – Aug 4)

Julia R Greer – California Institute of Technology
Yuan Lin – The University of Hong Kong
Gang Li – Clemson University
Wenjing Ye – HKUST

*Neutron Scattering (Aug 5 - 11)

Bruce D Gaulin – McMaster University
Masatoshi Arai – European Spallation Source

*Posttranslational Modification Networks (Aug 12 - 18)

Heribert Hirt – King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Lan Huang – University of California at Irvine
Steven P Briggs – University of California at San Diego
Yingming Zhao – The University of Chicago

*These four conferences start with a Gordon Research Seminar on the first day. For more details:

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