IAS Scholars

IAS Senior Visiting Fellow

Kingsley Haynes

George Mason University

Prof Kingsley Haynes received his PhD in Geography and Environmental Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. After serving on the faculty at the University of Texas at Austin, Indiana University, and Boston University, he joined George Mason University in 1990 as the Dean of the Graduate School and the Founding Dean of the School of Public Policy which he led until 2010. He is currently the Ruth D Hazel and John T Hazel, MD Faculty Chair in Public Policy, the Eminent Scholar, and the Professor of Public Policy, Decision Sciences, Geography and Public Affairs there.

Haynes has been involved in regional economic development policy and natural resource management since the early 1970s. In the US, He has worked with various departments of the state governments and the federal government on regional projects such as in Montana's Yellowstone Basin, the Lake Michigan and Ohio River regions and the Texas Gulf Coast.

Internationally, he directed programs for the Ford Foundation's Office of Resources and Environment on the Nile River-Lake Nasser regions of Egypt and the Sudan. Besides, he was an originating member of the Decision, Risk and Management Sciences Panel of the US National Science Foundation and served as a member of the board of the American Association for the Advancement of Science's Social, Economic and Political Sciences Section.

\\  It is essential to distinguish between project management and experimentation. Project management requires focus to drive it to success but experimentation which is essential to innovation requires us to recognize the difference between success and failure so we can bury the latter and move on.  \\

Research Focus

Haynes' academic interests include transportation and telecommunication infrastructure investment, regional economic development, resources and environmental management policy, and analytic modeling for decision support. He has directed numerous research grants and contracts, co-authored or edited 10 books and over 400 articles and professional reports.

Collaboration with HKUST

With his experience in building the School of Public Policy at George Mason University, Haynes will advise on the key aspects of institutional building for the HKUST Institute for Public Policy (IPP). Also, by sharing his expertise in conducting interdisciplinary research and connections to other prominent researchers, Haynes will contribute to the three key research clusters of IPP: environmental policy and sustainability, China development policy, and science, technology and innovation policy. During his last visit to HKUST in December 2016, he also delivered an lAS Distinguished Lecture on Spatial Impact of Transportation Infrastructure: A Spatial Econometric CGE Approach and an LAPP Distinguished Lecture on High Speed Rail Investments in China and Opportunities for Innovation.