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The IAS organizes lectures, programs, conferences, symposiums, and workshops throughout the year for renowned scholars, international researchers, and participants to exchange information and have in-depth discussions. Below are highlights of major events held in 2019 and 2020.

IAS Distinguished LecturesAnchor

Last fall, several Distinguished Lectures were held, bringing together students and faculty members to explore topics ranging from life science to physics, chemical & biological engineering to mechanical & aerospace engineering, stimulating new thinking and encouraging research directions.

1. How to Save the World, One Burger at a Time [Video]
(September 3, 2019)
Speaker: Nick HALLA, Senior Vice President for International, Impossible Foods

2. Unlocking the Healing Power of Plants with Synthetic Biology [Video]
(September 27, 2019)
Speaker: Prof. Christina SMOLKE, Professor (Research) of Bioengineering, Stanford University

3. The Long Journey from Phosphotyrosine to Phosphohistidine, and New Cancer Targets [Video]
(October 18, 2019)
Speaker: Prof. Tony HUNTER, American Cancer Society Professor and Renato Dulbecco Chair in Cancer Research, the Salk Institute for Biological Studies; IAS Senior Visiting Fellow

IAS Program on Chinese Creative WritingAnchor

Co-organized by School of Humanities and Social Science and Division of Humanities, HKUST.

4. 我的文學和思想之路:從香港出發 [Video]
(October 25, 2019)
Speaker: CHAN Koon-Chung, Contemporary Chinese Writer

Other IAS Programs and WorkshopsAnchor

5. IAS Program on Particle Theory: [Details]
de Sitter Vacua in the Swampland Era
(September 10, 2019)

6. IAS Symposium on DNA Recombination [Details]
(September 24, 2019)

7. IAS Program on High Energy Physics [Details]
(January 6-24, 2020)

8. IAS Program on Particle Theory:
Spatially Covariant Gravity Theories with Two Tensorial Degrees of Freedom [Details]
(January 8, 2020)

9. IAS Workshop on Emerging Scales in Granular Media [Details]
(January 14-16, 2020)

10. Intimacy of Creativity —
Entering the Minds of Composers [Details]
(An online course on Coursera)