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IAS Scholars Received Funding from the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC)

Prof. Ching W. TANG, IAS Bank of East Asia Professor, has received funding from ITC under the Innovation and Technology Support Program for his project titled “Development of SiNx Shadow Masks for Patterning Ultrahigh-Resolution OLED Displays”. The primary objective is to develop a robust method to fabricate large-area (>2 inches), ultrahigh-resolution (>2000 pixel-per-inch), ultrathin (~1 micron), self-tensioned silicon nitride (SiNx) masks suitable for the manufacture of full-color OLED displays for VR applications.

Prof. Paul SCHIMMEL, IAS Senior Visiting Fellow (right), has also been awarded a grant by ITC under the Partnership Research Program for the development of bi-specific antibodies targeting neuropilin-2, which have the potential to become a new class of therapies for the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases. The project was carried out by HKUST and Pangu BioPharma, a Hong Kong subsidiary of the biotherapeutics company aTyr Pharma, Inc. co-founded by Schimmel. Prof. ZHANG Mingjie, Kerry Holdings Professor of Science and IAS Senior Fellow (left), will collaborate with researchers at the IAS HKUST-Scripps R&D Lab to participate in this project.