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Congratulations to IAS Sin Wai Kin Professor of Chinese Culture YAN Lianke on His Award and New Book

Prof. YAN Lianke received the 2021 Newman Prize for Chinese Literature from the Institute for US-China Issues of the University of Oklahoma in recognition for his “lifelong contributions to world letters”. The 2021 award ceremony and online symposium will be held next March. Some previous Chinese winners include MO Yan (莫言), Xi Xi (西西), and HAN Shaogong (韓少功).

Earlier this year, Yan released another new Chinese long prose called “她們”, a portrait of four generations of women who are close to Yan’s heart — his mother, aunt, wife, sister, sister-in-law, and granddaughter. With Yan’s unique perspective, the book reflects women’s roles and lives in Chinese society over the 100 years.