Fall 2019 > Intellectual Hub

The IAS organizes lectures, programs, conferences, symposiums, and workshops throughout the year for renowned scholars, international researchers, and participants to exchange information and have in-depth discussions. Below are highlights of major events held in recent months.

IAS Program on Particle Theory

Since 2013, the Particle Theory and Cosmology Group at HKUST has organized an annual program for theoretical physicists around the world to gather and share their recent findings on particle physics and string cosmology. This year, a select group of particle theorists from the US, the UK, Denmark, France, Spain and Germany were invited to attend a series of 20 seminars and discussion sessions held at the IAS. The aim was to stimulate thinking and foster new international collaborations with local researchers. [Details]

IAS Program on Inverse Problems, Imaging and Partial Differential Equations

Other IAS Programs and Workshops

Launched in 2016, this IAS Program is chaired by Prof. Gunther UHLMANN, IAS Si Yuan Professor. It is designed to encourage interaction between researchers in a range of subject areas. The enormous increase in computing power and the development of powerful algorithms in recent years have made it possible to apply the techniques of inverse problem-solving for dealing with real-world problems of growing complexity. This year, six seminars were organized in addition to a four-day workshop held in May. [Details]

IAS Workshop on Quantum Simulations of Novel Phenomena with Ultracold Atoms [Details]

(May 6 – 7, 2019)

IAS Workshop on Neural Engineering and Rehabilitation [Details]

(June 3 – 4, 2019)

IAS Symposium on Biogenesis and Trafficking of Intracellular and Extracellular Vesicles [Details]

(July 5, 2019)