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The IAS organizes lectures, programs, conferences, symposia, and workshops throughout the year for renowned scholars, international researchers, and participants to exchange ideas and have in-depth discussions. Below is an overview of some major events held in recent months.

IAS Distinguished Lectures

With a broad audience in mind, more than 15 Distinguished Lectures were held between March and September. Students and faculty members were brought together to explore topics including sociology, environmental sciences, business, and engineering, stimulating new thinking and encouraging novel research directions.

1. Can School Improvement Reduce Inequality? [Video]
(March 27, 2019)
Speaker: Prof. Stephen RAUDENBUSH, The University of Chicago

2. Statistical Machine Learning of Financial Prediction and Inference [Video]
(March 28, 2019)
Speaker: Prof. FAN Jian-Qing, Princeton University; IAS Senior Visiting Fellow

3. AI-Personalized Medicine: Directing a Complex System to Desired Fate [Video]
(April 3, 2019)
Speaker: Prof. HO Chih-Ming, University of California, Los Angeles; IAS Senior Visiting Fellow

4. Trends in Environmental Science Research in China [Video]
(April 15, 2019)
Speaker: Prof. JIANG Guibin, Chinese Academy of Sciences; IAS Senior Visiting Member

5. New Routes to the Formation of Complex Structures and Metastable Materials [Video]
(April 26, 2019)
Speaker: Prof. Thomas KUECH, University of Wisconsin-Madison; IAS Senior Visiting Fellow

6. Recent Developments of InGaN/GaN Based Laser Diodes for Energy Efficient Solid State Lighting and Displays [Video]
(May 3, 2019)
Speaker: Prof. Steven DENBAARS, University of California, Santa Barbara; IAS Senior Visiting Fellow

7. Genomics in Neurodegenerative Disease—What Are We Up To [Video]
(May 20, 2019)
Speaker: Prof. John HARDY, University College London; IAS Senior Visiting Fellow

8. Challenges Facing American Universities Today [Video]
(May 29, 2019)
Speaker: Prof. John SEXTON, New York University

9. Singularities in Arc Spaces and Application to Representation of p-adic Groups [Details]
(June 21, 2019)
Speaker: Prof. NGÔ Bảo Châu, The University of Chicago

10. The Origin of Classical General Relativity and Gauge Theory [Video]
(July 30, 2019)
Speaker: Prof. YAU Shing-Tung, Harvard University

11. On Thermal Conductive Polymer Composites as Underfill Materials for Electronic Packaging [Video]
(August 5, 2019)
Speaker: Prof. MAI Yiu-Wing, The University of Sydney; IAS Senior Visiting Fellow

12. The Softest Crystals [Video]
(September 3, 2019)
Speaker: Prof. Randall KAMIEN, University of Pennsylvania