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IAS Senior Visiting Fellows Receive Prestigious International Awards

Prof. Evelyn HU from Harvard University won the 2020 IEEE Andrew S. Grove Award for her “pioneering contributions to microelectronics fabrication technologies for nanoscale and photonic devices.” Formerly known as the IEEE Jack A. Morton Award, the IEEE Electron Devices Society sponsors the award to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to solid-state devices and technology.

Another IAS Senior Visiting Fellow Prof. LUK Kam-Biu from University of California, Berkeley, and Prof. WANG Yifang, Director of Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, were co-awarded the Future Science Prize in Physical Sciences for the experimental discovery of a third pattern of neutrino oscillations. Both scientists led the Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment, which is designed to measure the mixing angle using anti-neutrinos produced by the reactors of the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant and the Lingao Nuclear Power Station. This discovery not only set the new research direction but also influenced the future of particle physics. The Future Science Prize is initiated by a group of scientists and entrepreneurs to recognize scientists who have outstanding achievements in basic science research in China.