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Mapping Out the Consumer Experience Journey

Prof. Angela LEE, Mechthild Esser Nemmers Professor of Marketing at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and an IAS Senior Visiting Fellow, is an experimental theorist and consumer psychologist. She shows how various factors constantly affect the decisions people make in the consumer experience journey and how marketers can better understand and target their consumers.

The Chase is Still On

Quantum computing is probably one of the most popular technological buzzwords these days, but how many of us actually have a clue what it is? Prof. Patrick A. LEE, William and Emma Rogers Professor of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an IAS Senior Visiting Fellow provides us some background information and the latest research trends of this topic.

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Frontiers of Fundamental Physics

Prof. George SMOOT, IAS TT& WF Chao Foundation Professor, Chair Professor of Physics, and Director of the Center for Fundamental Physics at HKUST has been working on a project to analyze data from the residue of the Big Bang to understand the early universe and its conditions.

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IAS Tin Ka Ping Fellowships

Over the years, six young and aspiring IAS Tin Ka Ping Fellows have benefited from the Tin Ka Ping Education Fund and been given the opportunity to learn from the best by assisting HKUST professors in research and teaching work.  

Dr. FENG Zhe, IAS Junior Fellow and Research Assistant Professor of Life Science

Making a life in science is never easy, particularly for female scientists. Dr. FENG Zhe, the latest Junior Fellow to join the IAS, has no doubt beaten very long odds to get where she is today.

Dr. Jeong-Won LEE, IAS Junior Fellow

Fascinated by the beauty of physics from a young age, Dr. Jeong-Won LEE, IAS Junior Fellow, has immersed himself in the world of geometry and symmetry, with its simple yet complicated rules. 

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IAS Scholars Receive Research Grants

In the recent General Research Fund (GRF) grant application exercise, several IAS Senior Visiting Fellows and Junior Fellows who collaborated with HKUST professors and scholars, successfully received funding support. These funds will contribute to innovative research projects and advance the impact of HKUST in Hong Kong.

IAS Bank of East Asia Professor Ching W. TANG Receives the 2019 Kyoto Prize in Advanced Technology

The Inamori Foundation awarded the 2019 Kyoto Prize in Advanced Technology to Prof. Tang for his significant contributions to the field and invention of the Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED).

IAS Senior Visiting Fellows Receive Prestigious International Awards

Prof. Evelyn HU from Harvard University won the 2020 IEEE Andrew S. Grove Award for her “pioneering contributions to microelectronics fabrication technologies for nanoscale and photonic devices”.

Prof. LUK Kam-Biu from University of California, Berkeley, received the Future Science Prize in Physical Sciences for the experimental discovery of a third pattern of neutrino oscillations.

IAS Lecture Theater Named after the Kaisa Group

The IAS Lecture Theater was named the Kaisa Group Lecture Theater in recognition of the Group’s generous donation in support of innovative research and education of the University.

IAS TT & WF Chao Foundation Professor George SMOOT’s Guest Appearance in Popular TV Sitcom

After his debut in the long-running prime-time TV comedy The Big Bang Theory ten years ago, Prof. Smoot made his second guest appearance in the episode “The Laureate Accumulation”. 

IAS Sin Wai Kin Professor of Chinese Culture YAN Lianke Takes the Stage at the 30th Hong Kong Book Fair

Prof. Yan shared his insights at the Renowned Writers Seminar Series of the Hong Kong Book Fair this summer. 

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Gordon Research Conferences

This summer was another banner season for the annual Gordon Research Conferences held at the IAS. Around 1,000 local and international scholars gathered to engage in intense discussions and presentations of their recent discoveries.

IAS Distinguished Lectures

With a broad audience in mind, more than 15 Distinguished Lectures were held between March and September to inspire students, stimulate new thinking, and encourage new research directions.

IAS Nobel Lectures

Two IAS Nobel Lectures were delivered by Prof. Robert H. GRUBBS (2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry) and Prof. Randy SCHEKMAN (2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine).

Other IAS Programs, Workshops and Events

Highlights of activities held in recent months that featured in-depth discussions on specific research topics.